Report on the local heat of the All-England AC Handicap competition 2018

Report by Peter Allan of the local heat of the All-England AC Handicap competition held at Blewbury on 9th June. There were six competitors in this local heat. We played three 18-point matches each and the handicap was calculated to a base of 6. This was the first time that I had come across this method of calculating bisques. Essentially the number of bisques that you get is your handicap, minus 6, but then reduced as the game was 18 points rather than the full 26 points. The idea is to get the game moving quickly since both players (mostly) received bisques. It was not simple to find the winner, since four out of the six player won two matches. Fortunately, I had scored more hoops than anyone else, so I will progress onward to the area final in September.  Peter Allan

Harwell GC Competition semi finals

The semi-finals and final of the Harwell GC Competition were held today. In the semis Ivo defeated ME in two games and Pat defeated Steve in three. Ivo then went on to beat Pat in a final which also had three games.  Steve Fisher