A fun day for all

On Saturday 18th September about 19 club members gathered for a “fun day” of croquet. Mary Elizabeth had organised the day and Peter Allan arranged the matches. The basic idea was to team experienced players up with less experienced partners. With a few people not playing for all of the day, this needed some judicious tweaking of team membership during the day.

The weather was perfect for croquet, warm, but not too hot. Before lunch we had two rounds of 13-point games (first to score 7 hoops) of GC doubles, with double banking on each lawn. After lunch, we switched to 7-point games (first to score 4 hoops) in order to play more rounds in the time available.

The team that won the most games was Tom Griffin, playing with Patsy Jones in the morning, and with Mary Hewlett in the afternoon. In fact they won all of their games, so congratulations for such a solid win.

Plenty of people said how much they had enjoyed the day, so we can regard that as a success.