Harwell/Eynsham beat East Dorset to reach semi-final of the Longman Cup

Noel Harris (Eynsham) writes:

On 29th August, a cold summers day, barely warmed by the sun, Harwell/Eynsham played East Dorset in the Longman cup. Harwell/Eynsham beat East Dorset 4-3.

Full match details. The Harwell/Eynsham players are listed first.

Morning Doubles
Noel Harris (8) & Kevin Colton(14) beat David Williams(3.5) & Alan Jones (7), 13-12 (+1 t)

Morning Singles
Tom Griffin (14) beat John Pollard (7), 26-8 (+18)
Nick Goodwin (14) lost to John Speigal (7), 20-22 (-2 t)

Afternoon Singles
Noel Harris (8) beat David Williams (3.5), 26-3 (+23)
Tom Griffin (14) beat John Speigal (7), 26-2 (+24)
Kevin Colton (14) lost to Alan Jones (7), 10-16 (+6 t)
Nick Goodwin (14) lost to John Pollard (7), 16-23(-7 t)

The critical game was the morning doubles, where we won by narrowest of margins – 13-12, but only by finishing with a peel and hoop after time was called.

As a result of this win, the Harwell/Eynsham team has qualified for the semi-final of the Longman Cup, which will be held at Surbiton on 2nd October, with the final on 3rd October.