Completion of the 2020 GC handicap competition

We have finally finished the 2020 GC handicap competition.

After a late start last year due to what we now know as Lockdown 1, we made good progress with the block stages, where all of the players in a block played against each other to determine which two players from each block should go into the semi-final matches.

However, before we could play either of the semi-final matches, Lockdown 2 was declared. Once that was over, Mary Elizabeth Shewry and Peter Allan played their semi-final. Peter winning 7-4, 7-4.

Then along came bad weather in the run up to Christmas and Lockdown 3, which prevented play for a further 12 weeks.

Finally, Lockdown 3 was over, we had some decent weather, and hopefully we could still remember how to play. Tom Griffin and Judy Goodall contested the second semi-final on 1st April and Tom won 7-3, 7-5. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, Tom and Peter played the final. It was a close match that swung one way and then the other, but in a nail-biting finish, Peter just won, 7-5, 1-7, 7-6.